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Remedy Making Consultation

The Remedy Making Consultation is about helping people learn how to make imprinted remedies with a Remedy Making Machine.

The Remedy Making Consultation is a one-on-one phone appointment with Wendy. Wendy has been making her own imprinted remedies for her family since 2013. She has made her own personal dispensary of over a thousand imprinted remedies. This includes all different types of imprinted remedies (isopathy, tauopathy, autopathy, classical homeopathy, mega potencies, flower essences, blends, narayani remedies, color & sound remedies, kits, and broadcast remedies.)


At this appointment you can ask her questions, discuss how to make your own imprinted remedies, learn how to create your own rates, and discuss anything related to the remedy making process with a Remedy Maker Machine.


•Please refer to the owner's manual to learn how to use your machine before the appt.


The appointment does not include selecting any specific remedies. Please schedule a Restoration Session with Wendy if you're needing assistance in selecting a remedy. For more information, please click HERE.  


•Wendy only knows how to create imprinted remedies with machines that have an input and an output plate. Please make sure your machine has both plates.

• Prior to the appointment you will need to sign a disclaimer and send a photo of your Remedy Maker Machine. 

1hr. $85.00

 A square invoice will be sent to your email for payment after the appointment. 

All services are Central Standard Time.

What People are saying...…..

I can not thank Wendy enough for her help with my Remedy Making  journey! And what an amazing journey it is! I don’t know how I lived without my Remedy Making Machine and I can not imagine to be without it right now. I have made so much progress with certain health conditions for myself and my family. Wendy has been so amazing, kind and patient helping me and answering my frequent questions. She is a wonderful, honest and very knowledgeable person. Thank you Wendy, from all my heart! 

Nadia L. 

Portland, ME

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