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My Story

In 2009 I was very sick and diagnosed with many ailments. My body was no longer absorbing nutrients and my immune system was no longer working properly. I had interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, fibromyalgia, systemic candida, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, kidney stones, chronic bladder infections, leaky gut, and multiple chemical sensitivity disorder. 


Then in 2013, my son was diagnosed with PANDAS/PANS. It is an illness like Rheumatic fever, where strep attacks the brain instead of the heart. Conventional medicine did not have any answers or treatments that could help me or my son, so I had to find the answers myself.


I have spent many hours since 2009 doing extensive research and using many different modalities to heal my son and I. I am now able to do the things I love, and have abundant joy in helping others. My son is also doing great!


My Qualifications

• I have a certificate of completion from the Expansion School of Homeopathy under Dr. Angelica Lemke.

• I am an advanced certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner. 

• I have a Bachelor of General studies from Washburn University.

• To view my certifications click HERE. 

My Location

• I am serving all USA, and some International locations.

• All my services are done over the phone in the Central Time Zone.

• I currently reside in the Kansas City Metro Area. 


I look forward to hearing from you to get started on your wellness journey today. 



Wendy Beers


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