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Wellness Consultation

A Synergistic Holistic Approach!

The Wellness Consultation is a one-on-one phone appointment with Wendy. It is about helping you improve your physical well-being. This service provides individualized holistic information for your personalized wellness needs. 
You don't have to go through the wellness journey alone by trying to figure everything out by yourself. Let Wendy partner with you by teaching you how to find a resolution. 
Wendy will help you.....
.... search for the root causes to illness.
....explore what is needed to help bring the body back into balanced state.
....identify any physical or emotional blocks. for ways to lower susceptibility and increase adaptability. homeopathy and flower essence remedies. 
....become educated on what labs to discuss with your Doctor, and possible supplements or other holistic options that may be of benefit to you. 

Areas of Focus
• This appointment focuses on these areas instead of focusing on a diagnosis.

Identify:  Learn how to identify the things that may be suppressing the immune system or damaging the body.

Remove: Learn how to remove the identified things that are harming you. 

Replace: Learn how to replace good and nourishing things back into the body. 

Detox: Learn how to detox the body to help eliminate the things that are damaging you.

Build: Learn ways to build a strong personal foundation. This may include the immune system, personal growth, better relationships, better health, and empowerment of knowledge.

Balance: Learn how to balance the body; neurotransmitters, minerals, hormones, gut flora, emotional balance etc.

Movement: Learn how to get the body back into momentum. This can be physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. 

How it works:
1.  A disclaimer will be sent to you for completion 24 hours prior to the initial phone appointment.
2.  Appointments are done over the phone and scheduled via Central Standard Time.
3.  During the phone appointment, you and Wendy will discuss your wellness needs and concerns.  
4.  After the appointment, Wendy will send an e-mail with the information discussed during the appointment.
Intake 90 min. $125.00
Follow up 60 min. $100.00 

*A follow up appointment is recommended at 4 to 6 weeks.


A square invoice will be sent to your email for payment after the appointment. 

All services are Central Standard Time.

What people are saying....


Wendy has helped my family and I so much. From general sniffles to serious health concerns. She has a gentle and compassionate approach while helping her clients understand all the different aspects of health and wellness. She has taught me so much on my own healing journey and I value her friendship and professional services so much! She has a wealth of knowledge and research that she has personally compiled that is not mainstream but proven effective for myself and others she has helped. Her perspective goes beyond that of traditional healing and wellness. She can use her many gifts, talents, research and healing abilities to tailor fit a wellness protocol to everyone. She is a very valuable resource for anyone that has any kind of health concern from minor to very serious illness and disease. Her understanding of the emotional and spiritual body is like nothing I have ever seen.

Trish C. Gardner, Ks.

I was looking for a non-pharmaceutical approach for increasing bone-density. After researching the options and their side effects I decided that I did not want to take any more pills or get injections. I turned to Wendy for some guidance. I had talked with Wendy over the years and I was always impressed with her sincere desire to educate and help heal. Her depth of knowledge results from studying alternative treatments for her and her family's own medical struggles. She sent me educational links, videos and book titles. Wendy even mentioned a local doctor who had a functional medicine clinic. Never once did Wendy try to prescribe or push me toward a remedy. Her role was simply to offer research and education. Wendy armed me with the knowledge that enabled me to have productive discussions with my doctor. I am finally on the road to wellness.

J.G. Overland Park, Ks.

As a Mom who was desperate to help my ADHD and anxious son, I kept digging and digging through various practitioners and resources until I found Wendy. We started with a Wellness Consultation that provided a wealth of information to guide him along his journey to wellness. She shared more suggestions and resources in one appointment than most service providers would share over the course of a year. Wendy was so eager and compassionate about helping my son to heal. In addition, we have started restoration sessions that have truly shifted his whole outlook on life and helped us both to break down some emotional barriers to promote better overall health. Wendy’s first-hand experience with health issues for her and her family help her to truly empathize with her clients and make a connection beyond any we have experienced before. Our relationship with her has truly been life-changing. 

J.C. Muncie, Indiana

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