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As a Mom who was desperate to help my ADHD and anxious son, I kept digging and digging through various practitioners and resources until I found Wendy. We started with a Wellness Consultation that provided a wealth of information to guide him along his journey to wellness. She shared more suggestions and resources in one session than most service providers would share over the course of a year. Wendy was so eager and compassionate about helping my son to heal. In addition, we have started mind renewal sessions that have truly shifted his whole outlook on life and helped us both to break down some emotional barriers to promote better overall health. Wendy’s first-hand experience with health issues for her and her family help her to truly empathize with her clients and make a connection beyond any we have experienced before. Our relationship with her has truly been life-changing.
J.C. Muncie, Indiana


I've been very impressed with Wendy, not only is she extremely knowledgeable with regard to finding and healing the root cause of illness but is full of up-to-date resources. Of all the natural help, I've sought out Wendy has been the most instrumental in my healing journey. She goes above and beyond because she is passionate about health and helping others. I'm so grateful for all the help she has given me! I highly recommend her! A.B. Olathe, Ks.


When my then 12-year-old son got diagnosed a year ago with PANDAS,  I was completely overwhelmed. There was so much information to sort thru, so many diagnostic tests to be done. None of which my son enjoyed, as most involved needles. Options for treatment were the western medicine approach, biomedicine with supplements, dietary changes, homeopathy. It seemed like every child was different in the way they responded to each of the treatment options. I did not have time to experiment with my child. I needed to resolve his raging, OCD, anxiety, intrusive thoughts so that he could get back to living like a normal 12-year-old and our family could get back to being a cohesive loving family, that wasn’t shattered by PANDAS. Being a PhD. researcher I knew how to research. I researched options and chose to go more natural for our son. I found Wendy during my sleepless nights of pouring over articles and found a blog that Wendy wrote titled “shuffling thru the madness”. It completely spoke to me. I contacted Wendy and had never heard of theta brain wave healing, but intuitively felt like it was the direction I needed to go. After working with Wendy just a few times, I saw major progress with my son and myself. I relish having someone not only well read and researched about alternatives, but another Mom who has been there with her own child. Wendy has and continues to be my biggest ally and asset in the fight against this tough disorder. She is always thoughtful and compassionate and truly cares for her clients. My background is in nutrition and I have consulted with many clients on dietary changes. It often takes multiple modalities to heal. I have and will continue to refer Wendy to anyone I know that is in need of healing. She is nothing short of miraculous.

 Tracy Ganske, PhD


Wendy is amazing! She is such a gifted, sweet soul. She has helped me to recover from deep beliefs and traumas from my childhood. I am truly amazed.  She made me feel so comfortable and safe during the session. I am so grateful for her help, as I have struggled with many of these things for 44 years, which is amazing that they can be shifted but we can heal. The next day after the session, I felt as if I had a kidney stone moving, but I did not feel it was bad.  I had this sense of peace all over me. I have experienced kidney stones several times in my life but this was far different.  I felt something needed to leave me. I passed the stone four days after the session. It hurt but there was this huge relief. I felt I was rid of things from my past. I am feeling amazing now like a load was lifted off my soul.  I would highly recommend having a session with Wendy, your healing awaits you. A.K. Kidd, Indiana 


I recently had a session with Wendy for my son. My son who is recovering from PANDAS. He has been struggling most of his life. Actually, I did not realize how far it went back, in utero is where it started. Wendy helped me to go back to that time and shift beliefs for my son. I am simply amazed. He seems stronger and more confident already. As if he had his own power returned to him. He had lost his confidence and his self- worth for quite some time. For two days following the session, he was quiet and tired, you could tell there was emotional detox. He said he thought he was getting sick, but I made sure he knew what was happening. He was comforted with that knowledge and quickly relieved.  He drank a lot of water and rested while things shifted.  We dosed homeopathy as well during the detox. He seemed to understand he needed the rest and now he feels great. My uncle passed today and instead of being upset about being gone from home all day, he was helpful and compassionate. Normally he would have been struggling with being gone all day.  He seemed so mature today. Everyone noticed, even with everything going on today. I am grateful for Wendy for helping him. Wendy is a gifted healer. She made me feel so safe and secure during the session and I was excited to see the shifts for my son and they proved to be even better than I had imagined. A.K. Kidd, Indiana 


I have worked with Wendy for the past 3 or 4 years as her homeopath, and as her family healed I have been blessed to witness Wendy come into her natural gifts as a healer.  She has done belief work for me and energy work which has brought large shifts in my own life.  Part of her work with me allowed my manifestations to move to the physical realm much faster, working through fears, and she helped me through some early life sex abuse work.  I am grateful for Wendy and highly recommend her to anyone wishing to make changes in their life and wellness. Elizabeth M, NYC


I just want to say what a blessing it was to have ThetaHealing with Wendy. She was great to work with, very patient and understanding. I have been able to completely move on from some long-held problems since Wendy worked with me. I can't wait to work with her again!" A.D. Spring Hill, Kansas


I have had the opportunity to experience many different seasons with Wendy throughout the past 10 years of my life. Having come from a heavy dysfunctional background Wendy’s love and acceptance of me was a piece to a larger puzzle that was necessary for the start of my journey. That compassion and wisdom has only grown and continues to gently guide me along my healing path. I am eternally grateful for Wendy and her dynamic presence in my life.

T.B. Overland Park, KS.


I had a session with Wendy for my youngest child. This kiddo has struggled socially and emotionally for some time. He is very sensitive and struggles to feel connected with peers. In the session, we saw things that bothered, things I was not aware of, and she shifted these beliefs for him. I am so glad to report that he is doing so much better socially and he even felt the shifts himself. He is connecting to his peers and is so much happier. I am so grateful. Wendy is an amazing, truly gifted soul.  A.K. Indiana


I was looking for a non-pharmaceutical approach for increasing bone density. After researching the options and their side effects I decided that I did not want to take any more pills or get injections. I turned to Wendy for some guidance. I had talked with Wendy over the years and I was always impressed with her sincere desire to educate and help heal. Her depth of knowledge results from studying alternative treatments for her and her family's own medical struggles. She sent me educational links, videos and book titles. Wendy even mentioned a local doctor who had a functional medicine clinic. Never once did Wendy try to prescribe or push me toward a remedy. Her role was simply to offer research and education. Wendy armed me with the knowledge that enabled me to have productive discussions with my doctor. I am finally on the road to wellness. J.G. Overland Park, Ks.


Wendy has helped my family and me so much. From general sniffles to serious health concerns. She has a gentle and compassionate approach while helping her clients understand all the different aspects of health and wellness. She has taught me so much on my own healing journey and I value her friendship and professional services so much! I always contact Wendy before heading to the doctor. She has a wealth of knowledge and research that she has personally compiled that is not mainstream but proven effective for myself and others she has helped. Her perspective goes beyond that of traditional healing and wellness. She can use her many gifts, talents, research and healing abilities to tailor fit a wellness protocol for everyone. She is a very valuable resource for anyone that has any kind of health concern from minor to very serious illness and disease. Her understanding of the emotional and spiritual body is like nothing I have ever seen. Trish C. Gardner, Ks.




Casey Tramp MD

I first met Wendy a long time ago when she was really sick. I was so impressed with her fight to get well. Even when doctors had no answers Wendy knew she would figure it out. Failure wasn’t really an option. As Wendy has regained her health it has been a pleasure to watch

her reach out and help other people. I have often sent patients to her to informally coach and she always is willing to help, encourage and inspire people to continue their journey.  I know she will help you and many of my patients too!



Erika von Loewe MA, LPC

Wendy is a friend and a professional colleague. Wendy has a calm and compassionate approach that is full of knowledge to empower!

She offers different ways to approach concerns and has an open mind regarding the multitude of possibilities about recovery. She shares ideas on areas to research or investigate that can assist with healing. Wendy has a way of relating and sharing her knowledge in which one can feel the deep empathy and compassion even during distance interactions! Wendy is amazing and a true Godsend! One would be blessed to have her on their healing team!

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