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10 Dial Imprint Remedy Maker

(Non Electric)

This item is the same as the previous model, but with a different name. 


$355.00 ($15.00 S&H USA Only)

We are not taking any new orders at this time.

For more info. about a Remedy Making Consultation Click HERE. 

For more info. about a Restoration Session click HERE. 


•Are you having a hard time finding the remedies you need?

•Are you needing remedies now, and don't want to wait for the remedies to come in the mail?

•Are you Spending to much money purchasing all the different remedies you need?

The 10 dial Imprint Remedy Maker is created by Wendy and her husband. It is created with the purpose to be able to have easy access to the imprinted remedies you may need instantly and affordably. The Imprint Remedy Maker was inspired by Wendy after seeing the benefits for her and her family from the use of Homeopathy and Energy Medicine since 2013. The Imprint Remedy Maker is hand crafted with much love and care by Wendy and her husband. 


What Remedies can you imprint with the Remedy Maker?


...flower, gem, and sea essences

...sound, music, color remedies

...essential oil frequencies

...special moment remedies (e.g. take a momentum from a special vacation like sand from the beach to create into a remedy)

...frequency remedies into lotions, salves, creams, gels, and jewelry 

•You can create any type of imprinted remedy with the Remedy Maker. It takes the energy imprint from one substance to another through the built in non electronic components inside the machine. 

* The Imprint Remedy Maker makes frequency remedies or energy imprint remedies rather than standard remedies. 

* The remedy maker does not use a power cord or batteries. 

Key Features:

• A potency number dial for the numbers, 1-10, 12, 20, 30, 40, 50, 200. 

• A potency letter dial for the letters, X, C, M, LM, CM, DM, MM. 

• 8 dials calibrated from 0-10 to include a rate number. 

• The potency dials and rate number dials are wired on separate circuits. This gives you the option to use them separately or at the same time.


• One copper input plate, and one copper output plate with copper coils placed under each plates in a specific inflow/outflow pattern.

• Inside the center of the Remedy Maker it consists of what is called “The Heart”.

The heart contains….

….A 99% pure copper sheet in a specific pattern. 

….A mirror and 8 rare earth magnets in an alternating north and south pattern to help enhance the remedy making process.

….A handcrafted generator/accumulator with the proper ratio of 50% metal.

….An Arkansas clear quartz crystal.

• The box dimensions are 10.00 x 6.00 x 3.00 inch.  

• The copper plate dimensions are 2 1/8" x 3 3/8" each. 

potency scale jpg straightened.jpg

Specialty Features:

• The wiring inside the system is done with precision and strategic planning with green color coded copper wires attaching specifically from the dials to the heart. This aligns with the color of the heart chakra being green.

•A piece of olive tree wood from Bethlehem is placed inside the remedy maker to enhance its performance. To extend an olive branch is an ancient symbol meaning "let us make peace". It indicates a willingness to bring a conflict to a conclusion. Olive Tree symbolism means peace, wisdom, prosperity, light, hope, and healing. 


How do you make the remedies?

It is an easy 4 step process!

1st You take and put a small piece of a substance, or put the name of a substance on a piece of paper onto the input plate. (This is the start of the process and is activated by the copper coil underneath the input plate.)

2nd You take and put what you want the frequencies of the substance to go into on the output plate. This can be blank homeopathic pellets, water, jewelry, etc. 

3rd You turn the potency and/or number dials to a specific number that is connected to the substance on the input plate (PDF of rate numbers provided). This activates the process from the substance on the input plate, through the system of the Imprint Remedy Maker, and then into the output plate.

4th You wait 15 minutes. 

Supplies included:

• Instructions to learn how to use the Remedy Maker.

• A PDF of standard rate numbers.

• A PDF of rate numbers for Narayani Mixtures.

• A chart for creating your own rate numbers. 

• To learn how to make imprinted remedies please schedule a Remedy Making Consultation. Click HERE for more info.

• For assistance in selecting Remedies please schedule a Restoration Session. Click HERE for more info. 


Supplies not included:

• Dropper bottles

• Blank sac-lac pellets (unmedicated homeopathy pellets)

• Little amber bottles

• Labels


Two ports are wired and installed to add an extender if needed to make bulk or large item remedies. (Extender purchased separately.) (Ports are only installed on Imprint Remedy Makers with the purchase of an Extender.)

Imprint Remedy Maker Extender

$175.00 (extender only)  

The price of the extender is not included in the purchase of the Imprint Remedy Maker. 

This item is purchased separately

The Imprint Remedy Maker Extender attaches directly into the Remedy Marker. It has two 3"x5" copper plates with copper coils placed underneath each plate. This will give you the option to make bulk or large item remedies. It has 3 options. It can become 2 additional input plates, 2 additional output plates, or 1 of each additional input and output plate.

(Extender is purchased separately)


How to order:

Step 1:

Contact Wendy Here to be placed on a "Order Waiting List". This is a handmade item built after you order. 


Step 2:

Wendy will contact you via email to have you sign and return a disclaimer. Please check spam or reach out to Wendy again if you have not heard from her after 48hrs. 

Step 3:

A square invoice will be sent to you in an email directly from square to make the payment once your Imprint Remedy Maker is built and ready to be shipped. 

Step 4:

Once the payment is received, your Imprint Remedy Maker will be shipped.


* PLEASE NOTE: Depending on how many people are on the order waiting list, it may take several months before it is ready to ship. Wendy's husband works a full-time job in addition to building the Remedy Makers. Each Remedy Maker takes many hours to build. This is a specialty order item. It is built after you order, not in advance. Thank you for your understanding. 

* A signed disclaimer is required for purchase.


* The remedy maker does not use a power cord or batteries. 

* Not to be used for diagnosis or treatment purposes. Intended for educational, prayer/meditative or agricultural purposes!

We are solely the manufacturer of the device and are in no way or form responsible for the manner in which the device is used by the buyer.

What People are saying...…..

I can not thank Wendy enough for her help with my Remedy Making  journey! And what an amazing journey it is! I don’t know how I lived without my Remedy Making Machine and I can not imagine to be without it right now. I have made so much progress with certain health conditions for myself and my family. Wendy has been so amazing, kind and patient helping me and answering my frequent questions. She is a wonderful, honest and very knowledgeable person. Thank you Wendy, from all my heart! 

Nadia L. 

Portland, ME

FDA Disclaimer:
*The Imprint remedy maker has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. It is to be used for prayer/meditation, research, educational, or agricultural purposes!

Wendy's Disclaimer:

All appointments, Imprint Remedy Makers, or information Wendy provides is for resource purposes only and is not a treatment plan or recommendations. You are responsible for your own healthcare.  Please seek out a licensed medical professional for all medical, mental health, or nutritional needs. Wendy Beers is not a Doctor, Counselor, Homeopath, or Nutritionist. The appointments she provides, or the Remedy Maker is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. 

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