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Restoration Session    Kid's Restoration Session     ThetaHealing®

Questions and Answers

What is a Restoration Session?

A Restoration Session is about helping you overcome any obstacles that may be causing you to feel stuck or unsuccessful in certain areas in your life. It is a calm, gentle, loving, and safe approach for self-care. Instead of searching outwardly for the latest supplement, medicine, or quick fix answer, this session will allow you to look within yourself for a resolution. This session will focus on limited beliefs, trapped emotions, spiritual concerns and matters, stagnant or displaced energy, and things possibly needed to help assist the body. Please click here for more information about the Restoration Session.


What is a Kid's Restoration Session? 

This session will use the same techniques and modalities as the restoration session, except the parent will participate in the session on behalf of their child, the child is not present during the session. Parents are very connected to their children and can easily see the areas of struggle or need. This session utilizes different techniques and modalities to help discover what may be going on at a deep level within the child. Becoming aware of what is going on at a deep level within the child will help the parent gain a better understanding of what their child may need. The parent will benefit also in the session. This session can also be used for non-verbal children with autism. Please click here for more information about the Kid's Restoration Session. 


What is a ThetaHealing Session®?

ThetaHealing® sessions use the ThetaHealing® technique only. Please Click Here for more information.


What is the difference between a Restoration Session and a Thetahealing® session?

The Restoration Session offers multiple modalities. The ThetaHealing® session offers the Theahealing® technique only.


What are your qualifications?

I am certified in the ThetaHealing® technique as an advanced practitioner. You can view my profile here.  

I am a student at the Expansion School of Homeopathy under Dr. Angelica Lemke.

I have completed training in the Encounter God technique under Rhonda Calhoun.

I have a Bachelor of General studies from Washburn University.

I am a student under Graham Nicholls learning EFT/TFT. 


How can the sessions help?

All sessions work wonderfully with your existing supplements, homeopathy, other holistic modalities, or medicine. After a session, you may notice that these modalities start working better for you. The sessions help to unblock areas in your life where you may feel unsuccessful or stuck. This can be on an emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or energetic level. 


What are the different modalities that are used during a Restoration or Kid's Restoration Session?

• ThetaHealing®: It releases limited beliefs.

• Theophostic Prayer: It releases limited beliefs. 

• Encountering God technique: It uses consecrated imagination, created by Rhonda Calhoun

• Emotion Code: It releases trapped emotions.

• Inner wise: It balances the energy system in the body. 

• The living water of wellness, Breath of life, God's heartbeat, blessing your spirit:  It uses prayer/meditation.

• Quantum Healing: It is a unique meditation and visualization technique.


May I request a certain modality for the sessions?

For the Restoration or Kid's Restoration Session you may request any of the different modalities that are listed above, or a combination of the modalities. Each session is unique and different for each individual person. For the ThetaHealing® session, the ThetaHealing® technique is the only modality used. 


What do I need to do to prepare for the sessions?

• An e-mail with a questionnaire and disclaimer will be sent to you for completion 24 hours prior to the initial phone session.

• New clients will need to watch a five- minute introductory video about Muscle testing (Kinesiology) and the Zip Up technique. 

• Please have a copy of the virtues on hand for the session.

• Women need to wear a bra without an underwire to keep the meridian pathways open.

• If possible, wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes. 

• Have a quiet and peaceful place for the session.

• Please do not drive during the session.


What can I expect after the sessions?

Some clients experience a mild detox. Drinking plenty of water and taking a nice bath or shower after the session is beneficial. Sometimes a change in supplements, homeopathy, or medicine will take place. Staying in contact with your practitioner of choice is also beneficial.


Where are the sessions done?

All sessions are done over the phone.  I will call you Central Standard Time for the session.


How long are the sessions?

Approximately 60 to 90 minutes


Do I have to be a certain religion for the sessions?

Everyone is welcome with love and no judgment. 


Where do I schedule my appointment?

Schedule online Here. 


Where do I make the payment for the sessions?

After you schedule your appointment, I will send you an e-mail with a link to pay through PayPal.


Can a Kid’s Restoration Session be done for a child who is adopted?

Of Course, the parent of an adopted child is still very connected to their child.




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