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Wellness Services

Restoration Session

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The Restoration Session is about helping people improve their emotional and mental well-being. It is a calm, gentle, loving, and safe approach for emotional self-care. 

Wellness Consultation


Remedy Making Consult

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The Wellness Consultation is about helping people improve their physical well-being. It is a holistic and individualized approach for physical self-care. 

The Remedy Making Consultation is about helping people learn how to make remedies with a Remedy Making Machine.


All services are phone appointments in the Central Time Zone.

What People are saying...…..

Casey Tramp MD

I first met Wendy a long time ago when she was really sick. I was so impressed with her fight to get well. Even when doctors had no answers Wendy knew she would figure it out. Failure wasn’t really an option.  As Wendy has regained her health it has been a pleasure to watch her reach out and help other people. I have often sent patients to her to informally help and she always is willing to help, encourage and inspire people to continue their journey.  I know she will help you and many of my patients too!


Erika von Loewe MA, LPC

Wendy is a friend and a professional colleague. Wendy has a calm and compassionate approach that is full of knowledge to empower!

She offers different ways to approach concerns and has an open mind regarding the multitude of possibilities about recovery. She shares ideas on areas to research or investigate that can assist with healing. Wendy has a way of relating and sharing her knowledge in which one can feel the deep empathy and compassion even during distance interactions! Wendy is amazing and a true Godsend! One would be blessed to have her on their healing team!

Tracy Ganske, PhD

After working with Wendy just a few times, I saw major progress. I relish having someone not only well read and researched about alternatives, but another Mom who has been there. Wendy has and continues to be my biggest ally and asset in the fight against this tough disorder. She is always thoughtful and compassionate and truly cares for her clients. I have and will continue to refer Wendy to anyone I know that is in need of healing. She is nothing short of miraculous.


J.C. Muncie, Indiana

Wendy’s first-hand experience with health issues for her and her family help her to truly empathize with her clients and make a connection beyond any we have experienced before. Our relationship with her has truly been life-changing. 

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