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The Kid's Restoration Session helps emotionally

wounded children identify the true source of their

inner emotional pain and find peace.


The Restoration Session helps children who are...
.....tired, weary, drained, and wore out.
.....feeling stuck in certain areas in life.
.....feeling like their peace has been zapped away.
.... sick and can't seem to get well.
.....struggling in relationships.
.....looking for direction in life.
.....having obstacles that keep getting in the way.
.....needing a breakthrough in life.
.....going to many Doctors and still don't feel well.
.....feeling like they have been going around in circles.

.....feeling like they are out of control. 
.....needing time to refocus, refresh, and rejuvenate.

The Kid's Restoration Session is about helping your child overcome the obstacles that are causing them to feel stuck or unsuccessful in certain areas in their life. It is a calm, gentle, loving, and safe approach for self-care. Instead of searching outwardly for the latest supplement, medicine, or quick fix answer, this session will allow you to look within for a resolution. This session will focus on limited beliefs, trapped emotions, spiritual concerns or matters, and stagnant or displaced energy.


The Kid's restoration session is for all children, including non-verbal children who have autism. The parent will participate in the session on behalf of their child, The child is not present during the session. This session utilizes different techniques and modalities to help discover what may be going on at a deep level within the child. Becoming aware of what is going on at a deep level within the child will help the parent gain a better understanding of what their child may need. The parent will benefit also in the session.

The different modalities that are used during a Kid's Restoration Session are....

• ThetaHealing®: It releases limited beliefs.

• Theophostic Prayer: It releases limited beliefs. 

• Encountering God technique: It uses consecrated imagination, created by Rhonda Calhoun

• Emotion Code: It releases trapped emotions.

• Inner wise: It balances the energy system in the body. 

• The living water of wellness, Breath of life, God's heartbeat, blessing your spirit:  It uses prayer/meditation.

• Quantum Healing: It is a unique meditation and visualization technique.


How it works:

1.  An e-mail with a questionnaire and disclaimer will be sent to you for completion 24 hours prior to the initial phone session.

2.  Allow 1hr-90 min. for each session.

3.  Sessions are done over the phone and scheduled via Central Standard Time.  

5.  The parent will be used during the session for a child.

6.  Click Here for the session Q&A for more detailed information.



$125.00 for a 1 hr-90 min. phone session. 

• Some international calls may have an additional $25.00 fee per session. 

• A sliding scale is offered for those who are in financial need.

All sessions or resources Wendy provides is for informational purposes only and is not a treatment plan or recommendations. You are responsible for your own healthcare.  Please seek out a licensed medical professional for all medical, mental health, or nutritional needs. Wendy Beers is not a Doctor, Counselor, Homeopath, or Nutritionist. The sessions she provides is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. 

A pay pal invoice will be sent for payment prior to your scheduled time. Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 

All services are Central Standard Time


What people are saying.....

I recently had a session with Wendy for my son. My son who is recovering from PANDAS. He has been struggling most of his life. Actually I did not realize how far it went back, in utero is where it started. Wendy helped me to go back to that time and shift beliefs for my son. I am simply amazed. He seems stronger and more confident already. As if he had his own power returned to him. He had lost his confidence and his self worth for quite some time. For two days following the session , he was quiet and tired, you could tell there was emotional detox. He said he thought he was getting sick ,but I made sure he knew what was happening. He was comforted with that knowledge and quickly relieved.  He drank a lot of water and rested while things shifted.  We dosed homeopathy as well during the detox. He seemed to understand he needed the rest and now he feels great. My uncle passed today and instead of being upset about being gone from home all day, he was helpful and compassionate. Normally he would have been struggling with being gone all day.  He seemed so mature today. Everyone noticed , even with everything going on today. I am grateful for Wendy helping him. Wendy is a gifted healer. She made me feel so safe and secure during the session and I was excited to see the shifts for my son and they proved to be even better than I had imagined. A.K. Kidd , Indiana 

Kid's Restoration Session

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Wendy Beers is not a Doctor. The information she provides is for information and resources only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. All sessions or information she provides are not a treatment plan or recommendations. You are responsible for your own healthcare. This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about specific medical conditions. 

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