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Areas of Focus

Identify:  Learn how to identify the things that may be suppressing the immune system or damaging the body; co-infections, toxic body care, dental issues, environmental toxins, emotional toxins, toxic foods and water, genetic mutations, etc.

Remove: Learn how to remove the identified things that are harming you. The resources and modalities for this depend on each individual person.

Replace: Learn how to replace good and nourishing things back into the body. 

Detox: Learn how to detox the body to help eliminate the things that are damaging you.

Build: Learn ways to build a strong personal foundation. This may include the immune system, personal growth, better relationships, better health, and empowerment of knowledge.

Balance: Learn how to balance the body; neurotransmitters, minerals, hormones, gut flora, emotional balance etc.

Movement: Learn how to get the body back into momentum. This can be physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. 


Multiple consultations and sessions may be needed during the healing journey. Wendy does not diagnose, treat, or recommend. She is not a Doctor. She does not focus on the specific label or diagnosis. Her purpose is to educate by giving knowledge in these specific areas.

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